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I've dedicated my life to teaching you how to take action and to start living the life you want!

I've dedicated my life to helping teach people how to achieve better mobility, better performance and live a more active lifestyle. 

Welcome To FOundations of Health in MOvement
Taking Action and Making Your Health a Lifestyle!
Welcome to Restore-Heal and Live Your Life
Let's Identify, Assess and Get You Moving Better Today!
OUR training methodology helps you make the right decisions for your body so you can live an active lifestyle
Improve your balance, posture and strength through stability and mobility training.
Learn how you can achieve an active lifestyle specific to the needs of YOUR body.
Learn strength training principles specifically to help you move better and and avoid injuries.
For those who are serious about learning how to live an active lifestyle 
Don't Take Our Word For It:

" I work with Kevin and Share clients with him, and I've also had the opportunity to have him work with me on my cranky knee. Kevin is extremely skilled at helping clients resolve pain and faulty movement patterns, all the while keeping them entertained with his friendly banter. He cares immensely about the welfare of his clients and it shows in the quality of his work."

Libby Scofield "
Restorative Movement Specialist
"He has a strong understanding; not only foundational work to improve the essential components of healing, but also has advanced his learning to integrate top level functional and neurological work into his skill set to place himself at the top of his game. 

I have no hesitation in recommending Kevin for anything and everything he wishes to work at knowing he will always operate with the integrity he has shown over these years and his drive to always be the best he can for himself and his patients."
Joshua Morton "
Master AIS Practitioner and Teacher

Kevin is very personable and genuinely cares about your health. He takes his time to get to know you and assess your issue to develop a treatment plan with the goal of getting you feeling better as quickly as possible. Each time I have seen him, I have walked out feeling so much better and within the next day functioning 100% again! 
Greta R. Sequim Wa "
Client at NW Fitness and Massage
What is Foundations of Health in Movement?
Injury Prevention & Movement Screening
Movement Screening is one of the most important things you can do before starting a movement or exercise program. This screen is not to be replaced with advice from a Dr or medical professional. Movement screens will help us assess how you move and to help you avoid injury during movement.
Mobility & Self Care
Learn mobility and self care strategies I teach in my pain management practice and educational classes. 

Learn the WHY behind Mobility and Self care and let's take all the guess work out of the equation. I want to teach you the correct way!
Movement & Stability Training
Learning how to move, based on your body will give you a lot of information about how you move and to help you become aware of the things you need to work on to have better balance, more mobility and greater strength!
 Performance & Strength Training
We focus on teaching you the principles of strength, so you can enjoy your recreational activities and sports training.

The goal of our training is to help you avoid future injuries and to build a foundational strength program to prepare you for entry level movement or higher level athletics. 
Our classes are taught in 8 hour segments to give you the opportunity to learn and implement the strategies we teach. Each module has supporting information, including, videos, recommended reading and other information to help you easily implement into a daily practice!
We've helped thousands of people Move better through our hands on manual therapy and Educational group training 
Are you ready to learn a System that will give You the tools and resources to LIVE YOUR best life without the confusion......

√ Let's finally commit to the goals that are important to you.

√ Let's stop wasting time trying to learn everything on your own.

√ Let's stop doing exercises and self care that don't give the results you are looking for.

√ Let's take control of your life and empower you to learn what's best for YOUR BODY!

Benefits from this program include:

√ Mobility and self-care strategies to help you reduce pain and improve flexibility!

√ Gain better strength and balance through movement so you can live a healthy lifestyle.

√ Reduce pain and increase healing so you can live the life you WANT!

√ Increase strength so you can live independtly and gain back YOUR body!

√ Improve posture so you can reduce.....

Neck Pain
Back Pain
Knee Pain
Stiffness and pain in joints
Risk of damage to joints, ligaments and tendons


Increase energy levels
Strengthen your core
Improve your balance
Improve overall body strength

so you can....

Gain the self confidence and finally work towards your health and wellness goals!!!
We use a specific process to help you get results, quicker!
Our process is simple:
Assess and Identify Movement
Assist in Healing the Body
Correct Movement
Strengthen Movement

"Kevin's knowledge and passion for helping me reduce the pain in my back and increasing the movement my body needs for the demands of my occupation and athletic hobbies have been very beneficial. Very Grateful that Kevin is in our community."

Chris N. Sequim Wa. "
Client of NW Fitness and Massage
Kevin is really good at what he does. He is an excellent massage therapist. I would refer him to anyone with pain issues and have been telling friends and family all about the results we have been getting! I am so thankful in the help he has given me and I am so thankful that I am feeling so much better!"
Margaret, Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness and Massage

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kevin as a client and he is very knowledgeable in his work and technique and it has helped me a great deal in a lot of my injury ares. I would recommend Kevin on your journey to wellness!" 

Michele S. Sequim Wa. "
Client at NW Fitness and Massage
    Here's a secrets of mine:

Consistency is the Key
I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did........

I've tried many different exercise and movement based modalities and learning the WHY behind them has taken me years to understand.

Only after a few minor injuries, I started listening to what MY body was trying to tell me.

When I started listening to my coaches and mentors and spent more time working on the things I needed for my body, I felt stronger, faster, gained more energy and I spend less time in pain!

I learned the hard way, let me TEACH YOU the smarter faster way!

Having a health and wellness program doesn't have to be complicated.  Stop wasting YOUR time without knowing the WHY behind why YOU are doing the things YOU are doing.
Want to Learn more about what I do, lets jump on a call and discuss how I can help you achieve your goals?
Let's schedule a time to talk more about what you are looking for and how I can help you.

Here's how this works.

  1. Fill out a quick questionnaire to help me get clear on how I can help you and to learn if our system is right for you.

 2. We will get on a call and discuss what you are doing, why you want to take action and if working with me is the right fit for You. 
                                          I want to help you achieve an active lifestyle!
What are your Goals?

                                      What can you do to take action today?

                                                     Are you living at your greatest potential?

                                                                           If you could change one thing, what would it be?
                                       I want to help you achieve an active lifestyle!
What are your Goals?

What can you do to take action today?

Are you living at your greatest potential
                                              If you could change one thing, what would it be?
I realized the biggest obstacle for most people who want to live an active lifestyle is NOT knowing what to do or where to start.....
I'm committed to helping my clients take action towards moving better and learning self care strategies to live a Healthy lifestyle.
A little more about Kevin and Northwest Fitness, LLC
I have been working for the last 12 years to help people learn how to take action towards achieving their goals. 

My passion is teaching people how to live an active lifestyle!

If you are ready to take control of your life and move better, feel better and work towards an active lifestyle, I'm eager to work with you!
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is this program really about? 
This program is designed specifically to help you achieve a lifestyle in health and wellness. 

This program requires an in-depth look at your goals and why you want to achieve them. 

I have been consulting groups and individuals since 2005. The primary focus of this program is to help you learn and implement the strategies easily into a daily practice.

We are only looking to work with those fully committed to the process and who have a 100% desire to live a healthier lifestyle through movement and wellness. 

This program entails a full body approach. We believe only those who are fully engaged and committed will get the results of moving better, losing weight and working towards the things that are most important to you. 
Why do you teach this program?
This program is based on my extensive study in self-care and knowledge working with clients in my pain management practice. 

I have observed the correlation between stress, overwhelm, depression and pain and how it also relates to those who overtrain in exercise. 

I have developed a program that is designed to give you the tools necessary for setting you up to achieve a full body approach to training. 

You must have clarity about your goals before you can commit to something long term. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see is making decisions too quickly and not fully understanding what is required to achieve their goals. 

We help you develop a system that is specific to your short and long-term goals.
What is the difference between therapy and movement assessment
During a therapy treatment, we assess your body with the sole purpose to reduce or facilitate healing in your body. Our number one goal is about identifying pain and taking actionable strategies to reduce and eliminate your pain.

During an assessment, we identify specific movement patterns that may be contributing to your poor posture and pain during your movement.
What is muscle testing and  movement assessment
Muscle testing is used to let us know if your muscles are functioning properly during movement. It is a neurological response that is programmed through the motor control center of the brain. 

Functional movement assessment is used to assess how you move and to ensure you avoid injuries in the future. In addition, it allows us to identify if there is pain or imbalance symmetrically throughout your body.
What is the goal of your program
This is a coaching program based on helping you achieve your goals. Our focus is on helping you move better and to learn the strategies to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Our system is based on manual therapy and an extensive background in movement, mobility and strength training. 

We assess the body and help facilitate it to move better through proper alignment,  stability and strength training principles.  

The goal of our system is to give you the tools needed to take control of how you move. We believe a strong and healthy balanced body can only happen if you are consistently helping it to achieve its potential. 

This system gives you the techniques and tools you can use immediately upon learning. The key to your success is consistency! 
What is the difference between Physical Therapy?
We are not licensed to diagnosis your pain.  Our goal is to assess your body and decide if the pain you are experiencing is based on alignment and posture or if further care is needed.

Any time there is a trauma to the tissue, i.e falling, blunt force etc. it is advisable to contact your physician before seeing us. 

We specialize in soft tissue therapy and have specialized in auto accident, work related and other types of injury related treatment work. 

We work comfortably with specific movement limitations and injuries that involve the inability to perform specific movement patterns and for those who have had joint replacements, fusions and other injury related surgeries.

Should I check with a physician before starting this program?
Yes. We believe it's always a great idea to get a clearance from YOUR health care professional about your current health and if exercise and movement is suitable for your current state of health. 

We believe everyone benefits from a movement based health regiment, but we also know having a team of people to ensure YOUR health is always the best option!
I've never worked out, been to physical therapy or personal training, is this program safe for me?
Our system is designed to keep you safe and teach you how to move without pain. If there is a pain in movement, the chance of future injury is MORE likely. 

Our program is perfect for any level as we make sure to thoroughly assess you upon starting our program. This program is designed individually and the pace and information are delivered based on your involvement in the process!
How soon can I expect to see results
It depends on what your goals are. This program is about moving better and learning strategies to safely exercise, move pain free and enjoy higher level athletics if you choose.

Is this program about weightloss
Our program is not focused on weight loss. Although, living an active lifestyle will help you achieve those goals. We focus on helping you perform better in movement and remain injury free so you can continue living a healthy lifestyle long term.
Do you teach these concepts to groups? 
Yes! All of our curricula are designed to work with individuals and groups. 

We can teach any of the three areas:

Pain and Stress Management
Mobility and Self Care
Foundations of Strength in Movement

What is the goal of the curriculum?
Our program is designed to teach you the tools and resources we use to help individuals and groups live a healthy lifestyle. 

All of our content is designed to help you reach your goals of reducing stress and pain, increasing mobility and learning self-care and foundational strength training principles. 
Our system will teach YOU the specific process that's right for your level of fitness.

Most of us have pain in our bodies, due to improper balance, overuse and or have done or are doing things that are putting ourselves under stress and tension. 
Want to Learn HOW YOU CAN get started towards moving better, living a healthier lifestyle and implementing a program that will give you the ability to live an active lifestyle?
1. Book a time to chat and learn about our system and if it's right for you. 

  2. Fill out a quick questionnaire to help me get clear on how I can help you.

 3. We will get on a call and discuss what you are doing, why you want to take action and if working with me is the right fit for You. 
Let's Take Back Control of Your Life!
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